Awesome Corner Shower Curtain Rod

Corner shower curtain rod – Occasionally, we have to place a curved shower curtain rod. The market offers us a wide range of bars; we have opted for a treated aluminum model, with invisible fixation and great stability. The first thing that we will have to do is to take the measure of the shower […]

Bright Burnt Orange Curtains

Burnt orange curtains – Now that we are in summer, in addition to being holiday season, bathing, barbecues, spending time outdoors, it is also high season to paint and decorate houses. Professional painters are now in summer when they have more work. And the people who paint their houses themselves are also at this time […]

Ball Curtain Rod Finials

Curtain rod finials can be used to display decorative murals or hide a kitchenette with design panels. There are many creative uses for curtains in and around your home to help you decorate in a very affordable yet elegant way. Creative curtain sticks are a great way to show off your own personality in your […]

Best Shower Curtain Sizes

Shower curtain sizes – If you’re looking for the right size of shower curtain to hang over your bathtub, it’s good to know that shower curtains come in standard sizes. The most common shower curtains are sized to fit over a standard 5 foot bathtub, even if they also come in longer and wider sizes. […]

Amazing Pinch Pleat Curtains

Pinch pleat curtains enhance the overall look and feel of a room, and can change it from gray to fab. Although some curtain bars come in standard sizes, many are easy to adjust to fit many widths of windows and your own preferences. For example, telescopic curtain sticks, moving in and out, are available in […]

Best Luxury Shower Curtains

Luxury shower curtains – Materials used in many shower drapes are not environmentally friendly. Curtains made of certain plastics can contain toxic plasticizes. Claims like curtains made of these materials can harm consumers are doubtful. But environmental impact such chemicals well document. Even curtains made from natural fibers may have an unwanted feature: conventional cotton […]

Amazing Double Curtain Rods

Double curtain rods are equipped with two rods to connect to a set of brackets. A clean panel hangs behind a regular set of draperies, giving privacy when drapes are open to let the sunlight through the windows. A double bar is hung in the same way as a single rod; no extra hardware is […]

Antique Curtain Holdbacks

Curtain holdbacks – A cross curtain rod works curtains with truss system. When curtains are install and curtains are attached to the curtain carrier, the curtains are opened and closed by pulling a cord. Most displacement kits will compete with all the hardware need to mount the rods above your windows. With a drill and […]

120 Inch Curtains Design Ideas

120 inch curtains – If you have lived in a house for years, you may not need any help when it comes to the simple things that hang new curtains. If you have been an apartment however, if blinds are usually and the curtains are a non-necessity, you may have no idea where to start […]

Corner Short Curtain Rods

Short curtain rods – When you hang heavy drapes over clean curtains in two layers, you have the choice of darker a room completely. Custom designed double curtain bars help you hang two layers of curtains over a single window. Double sticks can also be used to hang a Valance over drapes or hangers, clean […]