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Bottom mount drawer slides – The drawers of kitchen cabinets, cabinets, cupboards and desks, require drawer slides to function properly. A drawer slide, often referred to as a drawer slide, is metal hardware that is attached to the side or bottom of a drawer, allowing it to open and close freely. There are several options of drawer slides and installation tips that make opening and closing the drawers a quick and easy process.

Select a bottom mount drawer slides to hide your hardware and maximize your drawer space. Install sub-mounting of drawer slides in the center of your drawers with appropriately sized screws. Usually included with the purchase of the drawer slides. Because there is no need to allow extra space on the sides of the drawers for the hardware. The drawers have a slightly higher capacity probability. The sides of the drawers are visually attractive because bare wood shows instead of metal pieces.

Opt for bottom mount drawer slides for a robust, long-lasting hardware option. According to Lowe’s side-mount drawer slides, they are more durable than the lower-mount slide centers. Due to the mounting side in drawer slides, supporting a drawer on both sides. The weight of the contents in the drawer is evenly distribute. With a construction under assembly, a slide supports all the weight.

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