Making Black 6 Drawer Dresser


Black 6 drawer dresser – Everyone has something that they want to hide. If your secret item is cash, jewelry or more unusual items, you need a special place where no one will find and steal or confiscate your belongings. Take a tip from old mystery movies and create a fake background in one of your drawers. This secret compartment is almost impossible to find and can only be opened if you know the secret.

Measure the interior of your black 6 drawer dresser requested. Do not estimate or round the numbers. You need the most accurate measurement you can get. Shop your local home improvement store to find a piece of wood that visually matches the inside of your dresser drawer. Match the color and grain design as closely as possible, or use plywood and paint for the inside of a painted drawer.

Cut a piece of wood to the exact size of the inside of the black 6 drawer dresser. Choose the best appearance side of the wood and designate it as the top half. Place the wood on a table with the top half down. Glue a washer in the center of the piece of wood. Then, glue washers on each corner of the wood, keeping them about 1 inch away from each edge. Glue another layer of washers on top of the top five. Then, create a stack of two at each point. Keep stacking and sticking the washers until the piles are as high as you want your secret compartment to be. Maintain the depth of the drawer really when determining this height. Allow the glue to dry completely.

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